In order to accomplish the Society’s mission and objectives, SJVE has established four regional chapters which cater for the whole of Japan. Each chapter carries out a variety of activities, both individually, and sometimes in collaboration with one or more other chapters. Regional chapters mainly focus on:

  1. Professional research activity, to study and develop Value theories and techniques.
  2. Regional VE conferences and seminars to promote Value disciplines.
  3. Consultation and counseling services to promote Value disciplines.
  4. Research, collection and analysis of information and reference materials on VE, both at home and abroad.
  5. Networking opportunities within and outside the chapter, such as plant tours and information exchange meetings.
  6. Other activities that help keep the chapter vital.


In 2002, the East Japan Chapter initiated a “small study group meeting program” to deal with the diverse problems encountered by members in promoting VE within their respective companies. This ongoing program provides members of the East Japan Chapter with valuable opportunities to discuss and resolve these problems across industrial boundaries. Currently, there are six different groups (Management, Management Innovation, Operations & Marketing, R & D and Design, Production & Procurement, and VE Information Exchange) involving some 100 registered members. Membership is based on a registration system, and groups organize and manage their own meetings and networking events. The East Japan Chapter also organizes regular lectures, plant tours, regional networking meetings, etc. for its members.



The West Japan Chapter develops a variety of activities suited to the situation and needs of its region, including such programs as West Japan VE Conferences in Hiroshima, and a VE tutoring school in Kyushu. The chapter also regularly organizes plant tours and information sharing meetings for the purpose of upskilling and networking its members. This chapter focuses on expansion of the “VE circle” by opening certain chapter activities to the general public.