SJVE organizes a variety of research and study meetings, which bring together SJVE members and academic professionals associated with the topic under consideration. These gatherings provide forums for proactive and interactive exchange of information and views. Following 12 months of group activity, the conclusion and details of each research and study are compiled in a written report. This is an excellent opportunity to network with VE experts in other industrial circles or fields.


The Value Management Academy (VMA) addresses and conducts research and development programs on a wide range of Value Engineering topics, theories and techniques.

One of the latest R & D activities includes development of a new VE activity assistance software package called “VE Navigator”, which serves as a guide to following each step of the VE job plan on a computer.


Both Value Management Academy and spontaneous groups within each of the four SJVE chapters organize and conduct a variety of VE research and study activities, in order to explore potential new applications of VE in new fields, and integration of VE with other management techniques. These are inter-company, cross-industry activities, involving representatives from member companies, academics and consultants who share a central focus of interest. Research participants put in a lot of time and effort, through lively discussions and exchange of information.

These year-long efforts are certainly helpful, not only in developing human resources but also in facilitating collaborative exchange of information and analyses with other VE experts.

Some examples of recent study topics are:

  1. Developing customer-oriented function evaluation and function analysis methods (VMA)
  2. Applying VE to the care of senior citizens (VMA)
  3. “Working-group Approach to VE” (WAVE) in Construction (Kansai Chapter)
  4. VE and Target Costing (Central Chapter)
  5. Promotion and use of TRIZ Techniques (Kansai Chapter)
  6. VE Techniques for New Product Development (Kansai Chapter)
  7. Applying VE in the Streamlining of Indirect Labor (East Japan Chapter)
  8. Global Production and Procurement (East Japan Chapter)
  9. Chubu Construction VE Study Group (Central Chapter)