The concept and techniques of VE were created by Mr. Lawrence D. Miles of General Electric in 1947, and it was first introduced to Japan in 1955. Since its earliest days, VE has been recognized not merely as a simple management technique but also as a management philosophy in the U.S. In Japan also, VE has become widely dispersed in various sectors of corporate management by incorporating original corporate and managerial cultures. With the permission of Mr. Miles, SJVE established the “Miles Award Program” in 1982 to further promote and disseminate the use of VE in Japanese industrial circles, and contribute to the improvement of technological level and efficiency in corporate management.

The main purpose of the Miles Award Program is:

  1. To inform the memberships’ clients that the award recipients continuously make efforts to guarantee the value of products and/or services they provide in a systematic manner, and also to ensure the legitimacy of functions and costs of their products and/services exported to the foreign markets.
  2. To effectively utilize the resources particularly in Japan that lacks natural resources, ensuring the necessary functions such as performance, properties and specifications with the lowest amount of resources by actively promoting VE activities.
  3. To encourage those companies and organizations which have kept up with the promotion of VE activities to continue their efforts for further improvement.

There are three categories of Miles Award Program:

  1. MILES AWARD (“Miles-sho”)
    This award recognizes, at member-company level or its division level, the organization’s outstanding VE accomplishments realized through systematic application of VE/VA/VM concepts and methodologies.
  2. MILES-SUPREME AWARD (“Miles-honsho”)
    If an awarded organization continues VE efforts resulting in outstanding achievements of a higher level, it is further entitled to applying for MILES-SUPREME AWARD (“Miles-honsho”) in the future. The award is divided in two categories: (1) Divisional Award and (2) Corporate Award.
  3. MILES AWARD FOR PUBLIC SECTOR (“Miles-Tokubetsusho” since 2004) has been newly established for the purpose of assisting the promotion of VE in Government