The SJVE Awards was given to the following organizations:

Distinguished VE Service Award

Tsuneo Fujita (former professor at Fukuyama Heisei University)
He has served as a member of MILES AWARD committee for 11 years since 1998, made a significant contribution to the development of this award and VE in Japanese industry through reviewing activities and advices for applicant business.

Outstanding VE Promotion Service Award

Nobuo Kobayashi (AICHI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.)
He has served as a member of steering committee at Chubu Chapter for four years from November of 2005 to June of 2006, and made outstanding contribution for revitalization of chapter activity and promotion activity by telling VE efficacy to other electric compaies, business connection, and group companies.
Shinji Gomi (Rinkai Nissan Construction Co., Ltd.)
He has served as a member of steering committee at East Japan Chapter (April of 2002 to present), SJVE conference steering committee and Japan CVS society. Especially, the promotion of research activity at East Japan Chapter, he played a central role in publishing “the way of setting the basic specification on the product design phase” and “Target costing in construction industry”.
Hirohisa Segawa (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
He has served a member of planning board at Chubu Chapter since April of 2003, and devoted himself to the planning of VE conference and VE seminar in Chubu area. In his company, he made a significant contribution for expanding VE population and advantage by serving for the support business of VE education and practical activity at Nagoya factory.
Kazuaki Tanzawa (ORIENTAL MOTOR Co., Ltd.)
He has served as VP of East Japan Chapter from June of 2005 to May of 2009 and exercised great leadership skills for revitalization of chapter activity. In 2003, He was awarded “conference paper award for excellent paper”. He has been involving in VE activity implementation and VE education for the promotion and establishment of VE.
Chiaki Hayashi (Kawasaki Heavy Industries,.Ltd.)
He participated Research activity at Kansai Chapter, and made a significant contribution on the development of “Digital VE” by utilizing PC and the preparing textbooks for WAVE method suitable for construction industry and small groups.
Nobuo Fukudome (former Mazda Motor Corporation)
He made a great contribution on planning of West Japan VE conference and VE seminars for three years from June of 2006 to February of 2009, and also the promotion and establishment of VE activity through the implementation of VE activity and VE education at Mazda Motor Corporation and their business partners.
Tetsuya Hotei (Ricoh Company,. Ltd.)
He has been serving for the establishment, education and support of VE at the Ricoh Company and their group companies for 30 years since he joined Ricoh Company. In 1998, he led the image system operational headquarters for MILES AWARD. Also, he made a great contribution as a vice-chairman of conference steering committee and a member of East Japan Chapter steering committee for the expansion of business activities.
Kiyotaka Yanagisawa (Daikyo Nishikawa Corporation)
He has been serving as a steering committee member at West Japan Chapter for more than 10 years, and made a significant contribution on the revitalization and expansion of chapter activities. In his company, he has been working for setting up the activity plan, holding VA/VE discovering meeting, following up the discovered ideas and coordinating activity results as VA/VE promoter
Shinji Yamamoto (Osaka Prefecture University)
He has been actively participating the research activity as a steering committee member of Kansai chapter and supporting from academic point of view. He is making a great contribution on supporting Kansai VE conference, serializing the article on the Value Competency and introducing VE for adult students.
Hitachi CVS Society
This society is established with CVS volunteer from Hitachi group in 1993, and has been making efforts for the education and improvement of VEr and instructors for 17 years. The society has produced more than 9000 VE Leaders and has borne good ripped effects in industrial world, and made a significant contribution on the increasing the publicity of VE certification.

Outstanding VE Activity Award

This award is given to those companies that have made noteworthy efforts in VE application and contributed significantly to company management through their VE efforts.

Construction Division, Construction Department at Ueki Corporation, Pacific Consultants Co. Ltd.