2018 – The 51st SJVE Conference Call for Papers

Call for Papers
– technical paper or case report

Dates: Tue. October 23rd and Wed. October 24th, 2018
Place: Arcadia Ichigaya (Tokyo)


In addition to VE technical papers and case reports presented at SJVE conference, we are soliciting technical presentations from international VE experts through their VE societies.

To avoid miscommunication and unnoticed cancellation of international speakers, we ask that all international proposals are received and pre-approved by the VE societies in their respective countries.
We do not accept direct proposal from any individual applicant overseas.


To be in line with the objective of the Asian VE Conference, examples of topics include the following but are not limited to:

  • Concept, discipline, technique or organization of VE.
  • Application, development, training/education or promotion of VE.
  • Variety of techniques such as IE, QFD or TRIZ combined with VE.
  • Value improvement or creating new value.
  • Value management.
  • Target costing/cost management.
  • Value improvement initiative in public or NGO sector.


How to submit a proposal

  • [Step 1] Submit the following information to SJVE office (uesugi@sjve.org) by Sunday July 1st, 2018.
    • Title and format of presentation: “Paper + PPT presentation” or “PPT Presentation only”
    • Contact information: company name, job title, address, Tel, and e-mail.
    • If the applicant directly submits a proposal to SJVE, he/she must mention that the proposal is preapproved by the VE society (name of the VE society required) in which he/she is registered as an active member.
  • [Step 2] The applicant will be contacted by SJVE upon receipt of his/her application.
  • [Step 3] Submit the presentation abstract and an author’s biography along with a head shot to SJVE office by Tuesday July 31st, 2018. An abstract and a biography should be written within one page using A4 or Letter size in MS Word.


Review process

  • The conference technical program committee is responsible for reviewing all the abstracts submitted.

We will place great value on the following points:

    • Is the presentation title in line with the Conference objectives?
    • Is the abstract consistent with the presentation title?
    • Does the presentation transmit consistent message?
    • We accept previously presented papers/case reports if the content is further developed.
  • [Step 4] Result of the abstract review will be informed directly to the applicant by Thursday August 9th, 2018.
  • [Step 5] Accepted applicants are requested to submit the finished paper and/or PPT presentation by Friday September 7th, 2018.


Other conditions

  • To submit a proposal, the applicant can choose either “paper + PPT” or “PPT only” format. (submitting a written paper is not required for “PPT only” format)
  • Technical report or presentation will not be considered as qualified scholarly paper which is required (as prerequisite) for CVS certification.
  • Once received, the technical papers and case reports will become the property of SJVE and will be included in the conference proceedings in electronic format.
  • Translation: the following documents will be translated into Japanese for better understanding to Japanese conference attendees:
    • Abstract and author’s biography
    • PPT slides on the presentation day: October 24th, 2018 (summary*) *Detailed charts or diagrams will be left as they are.


Important dates to remember:

Step Date Detail Action taken by
1 Sun. July 1st, 2018 Submit proposal via email (uesugi@sjve.org) Applicant
2 Soon after “Step 1” Acknowledge the receipt of proposal SJVE
3 Tue. July 31st, 2018 Submit presentation abstract and biography with head shot Applicant
4 Thu. August 9th, 2018 Inform the result of abstract review SJVE
5 Fri. September 7th, 2018 Submit the finished paper and/or PPT presentation Accepted applicant




To submit a proposal or ask questions, please contact SJVE Office (Attn. Ms. Satoko Uesugi, Deputy Secretary General & Director of Overseas Affairs)

Society of Japanese Value Engineering

Email: uesugi@sjve.org

WEB: https://www.sjve.org/eng/